Dropshipping: Which are the best products to specialize in?

So you have decided to start your dropshipping company, but you are still not sure what goods to sell on your e-Store? Finding the products which you want to specialize in is a vital part of opening your store. It helps you establish as a brand and start creating rapport with your potential patrons. You might want to know which the fastest-growing sectors or the trendiest products in the market are. We have chosen three big segments of the market where you can venture in.

Specializing in electronic gadgets

Computers, tablets, smartphones, wearables and different electronic accessories to go with them. The opportunities in this sector are endless. You can offer a wide variety of electronic gadgets or specialize yourself in just one of them. Wearables have become one of the trendiest products in this sector. And by that, we do not only mean smart-watches and smart bracelets such as the Apple Watch or FitBit, but also smart eyeglasses, earbuds, Bluetooth key trackers, activity trackers, and wearable cameras.

Focus on Health

Health wearables have become really popular lately. Since the boom of health tracking apps that incorporate calorie counting, step counting, activity tracking, body measures tracking, heart rate tracking, and so on, people have been drawn to buying gadgets that measure all these aspects. For example, if we compare activity trackers to Bluetooth earphones on Google Trends, we will see that there is a higher interest in the trackers than in the earphones.

Specializing in clothing and apparel

This is a wide segment to specialize in, so you should do your research on what you would like your brand to feature. Are you interested in high fashion or in sportswear? If we think of the healthy trend we discussed before, choosing sportswear would be a no-brainer. But, lo and behold! Market trends are not as easy to understand. We ran a Google Trends search and compared sportswear and plus-size clothing. While plus-size clothing has become trendier by the time, the interest in sportswear has become lower.

Specializing in toys and hobbies

We all have an inner child that is in love with cute and colorful things and loves playing with toys. Our stressful lives often separate us from our inner child, but all of us love having some time of our own to develop our hobbies and relax for a bit. Anti-stress toys are a great market sector to tackles. They are great stress relievers, just like stress balls and slime, which have also become popular among young adults. All these toys and stationery products are quite fashionable and will make a good market segment choice for your drop shipping e-Store.

Now that you know what the three biggest niches are, you are ready to start your drop shipping eCommerce store. Just choose the market segment you are most interested in, and you are all set.

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